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"To Better YOU, is a Better ME!"

Our Members know that to be the best, you have to continue to grow. Members attend Enrichment Sessions to enhance themselves but they promise to take the lessons and "pay it forward" to further enrich those around us. Our members know that LIFE is coming at them quickly and they're ready and prepared to take notes!

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Enrichment Sessions

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Attending Enrichment Sessions are the best ways to gain lots of incentive points. Mind and Body enrichments are offered along with Lifestyle Sessions. Sessions are hosted by community residents, teachers and business owners who offer their time, experiences and expertise.

Learn Co​ping Techniques

As we prepare young adults to deal with life, career, family and community obligations beyond school taught lessons, we'll also have lessons for our members' personal interests.

Our sessions are held so we can enrich our members' minds and learn creative coping methods for our multiple creative ails. Members can even host Enrichment Sessions and get double incentive points.

Some of our Mind & Body Enrichment and Lifestyle Sessions include:

Stress relief and Coping skills

Meditation techniques

Music therapy/lessons

Arts & Crafts therapy

Creative writing and blogging

Yoga workouts

Voice lessons

Dance classes

Nutrition & Wellness


Pregnant and Parenting

Make-up application

Hair coloring and styling

Photography/Videography editing

Dating tips and confidence building

Graduation and College Prep

Goal planning/Time management

Vocational School offerings

Career Services/Job search

Credit/Money management

Career Show n Tell

and much more... 

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